Our expertise

When entrusting your property to Strata One, you will receive personalised service from an experienced team. Our licensee, Peter Brisbane, has more than ten years Strata Management experience and is supported by qualified accounting and administrative staff.

As an independent group, Strata One is free to select the best tradespeople, engineers, insurance brokers and legal representation to provide owners with the best expertise and ultimately the best service to protect your asset.

As part of our drive to stay at the cutting edge of new developments in our industry, Strata One is a member of Strata Community Australia, NSW), the Urban Development Institute of NSW and the Green Building Council Australia.

From a complete management service through to a basic package that provides administrative and accounting support only, Strata One can provide a tailored solution to meet your needs.

Whether you’re an owner-occupier, investor, property manager or developer, call our office on 1300 988 702 to discuss your needs further.

Strata One specialises in residential, commercial, light industrial and mixed use strata schemes as well as community and neighbourhood associations.

We offer clients a variety of different services listed below:


Our accounting services include:

  • Maintenance of Trust Account
  • Levy payment and recovery management
  • Budgeting
  • Preparation and lodgement of BAS and tax returns
  • Investment fund management
  • Issuing of monthly and six monthly detailed expense reports


From fire and lift certification to OH&S requirements, Strata One ensures all your compliance obligations are met.

Levy and debt collection

Strata One ensures all levy’s due are requested and collected in a timely manner.   Solid debt collection processes are in place to ensure any outstanding levy’s are paid.  We also take a personalised, hands on approach in relation to debt collection and take all practical steps possible to recover money’s before proceeding to litigation stage.


Our administration/secretarial services include:

  • Answering of all communications, calls, emails, web based requests, facsimile and social media forums
  • Preventative and reactive maintenance
  • Preparation and issue of meeting notice agendas
  • Recording and distribution of meeting minutes
  • Assistance to owners with direction when required
  • Documentation, recording and issuing of notices under sections 184, 258, 259 and 22 of the Act
  • Maintenance of the Strata Roll
  • Service of notices to comply with By-Laws
  • Assistance with registering of By-laws and other complex legal matters
  • Compliance management for essential services such as fire, lift and cooling towers
  • Risk assessment in areas of OH&S
  • Preventative maintenance and management of buildings 10 year sinking fund report
  • Keeping of common seal and attesting to its affixation
  • Archive of documentation for prescribed period

Repair and maintenance

At Strata One we are highly experienced at overseeing repair and maintenance works.  This allows works to be carried out on time, on budget and to a high standard.

We also identify and recommend preventative maintenance programs such as gutter cleaning, which can be critical in avoiding long term costly issues arising at your property. We implement preventative works in close consultation with you, which ensures the best long term management of your property.


For insurance renewals we use an independent insurance broker to ensure you get the best possible policy.

Our insurance services include:

  • Renewals & claims management
  • Valuations, appraisals and adjustments of policy
  • Hands on site assistance when required

Legal & By-Law

Strata One has established partnerships with several well-known and respected law and debt recovery firms to ensure your By-laws, debt recovery and other general legal matters are managed correctly. We provide clients with direct free advice on initial consultation and all partners issue upfront fee proposals before proceeding. 

Defect mangement

Knowing what is and what is not a defect or understanding recent changes to Home Warranty can be a minefield.

Our experienced team, with assistance from our business partners, has successfully managed large claims.

We place ourselves in your position, clearly communicate findings and provide various options to move matters forward. This ensures the client receives the best outcome.

Project management

Strata One can offer clients project management for all proposed major refurbishment works


Strata One offers a broad range of consulting services to owners, developers and the media.

Below are examples of ways Strata One can assist:

Owners looking for guidance or third party neutral advice in relation to building upgrades, green initiatives, adjustments to By-Laws and mediation of conflict between owners.

Developers requiring assistance with strata matters arising from the establishment of a new development and understanding their obligations to the newly formed Owners Corporation.

Media reviewing articles, providing guidance in communicating current communal living issues to the general public.

For an initial consultation, please call Strata One on 02 9913 3999.


Strata One can offer mediation services to clients.  This is a popular option for those not wishing to escalate a matter to the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

Cost reduction programs

Strata One can assist clients by directing them to the right parties to ensure contracts such as lift maintenance agreements have been assessed correctly and the best possible price established.

Website assistance

With external providers we offer assistance in the development of a website for your building. This keeps occupants and general friends or family up to date with strata matters that affect you

Security and safety assessments

Strata One ensures that security and safety assessments are conducted where required.  These important preventative measures give peace of mind, and assist in reducing the likelihood of any potential incidents.

Development consultancy

Strata One provides developers assistance in establishing the right structure for their Strata, Community or Neighbourhood Development. We work with developers, their architect and solicitors to establish the right By-Laws, provide guidance in relation to essential building equipment and establish mandatory documentation to take the newly developed property to the First Annual General Meeting.  Strata One has a proven track record in establishing strata developments.

For more information on services for developers click here.

Service packages

Flexible Management Options

Strata One offers various management options so that you receive the right product to suit your property and the best possible value for money.

Full Management

Our Full Management package has the flexibility to provide either an all-inclusive disbursement or a pay as you go disbursement package, whichever best suits your building.

For small to medium buildings a pay as you go disbursement option ensures that you only pay for the services that you use.

For larger buildings, a fixed disbursement package provides a peace of mind in relation to annual budgeting.

Strata Essentials

Our Strata Essentials package has been designed for smaller buildings that wish to self-manage tradesman and only require assistance in areas such as general administration, compliance matters, accounting, issuing of levy notices and debt collection.


Services for developers

We’re with you every step of the way

Strata One has a proven track record in establishing strata developments. We take the developer through every step of the process from pre-set up and planning through to on-going management.

From establishing the right By-Laws and mandatory documentation, providing guidance in relation to essential building equipment or convening the first Annual General Meeting, Strata One ensures developers establish the right structure for their Strata, Community or Neighbourhood Development.

All development projects are treated with integrity.  From day one we stand by acting in the best interests of the building.

The main areas of development consultancy include:

Pre-set up and planning

  • Recommending By-Laws best suited to the building
  • Ensuring strata establishment compliance requirements are met
  • Obtaining the right insurances
  • Meeting developer obligations through convening the first annual general meeting


Set up stage

  • Security recommendations such as camera’s
  • Recommendations for utility efficiency improvements
  • Environmentally friendly recommendations
  • Education of new owners through distribution of welcome packs
  • Recommendation of building inspections if required


Post-set up and on-going management

  • On-going strata building management services