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What to do about rogue strata residents


What to do about a rogue resident living in your strata building A common misconception is that the strata company has the same or greater authority than the police to intervene and reprimand rogue residents with disruptive behaviour that contravene the strata by-laws.  Examples of rogue behaviour include things such as illegal parking, making excessive… Read more »

Where are your strata levies really going?


How to gain clarity on where your strata levies are really going A common misconception is that the levies paid by owners of apartments are going to the Strata Management company that looks after the building.  Many people believe that the strata company sets the amount, is responsible for any increases, and generally doesn’t do… Read more »

Why apartments don’t reach their potential


The real reason strata apartments don’t realise their asset growth potential. Maintaining and appreciating the value of block of units is more than focusing on the physical building, a key factor is the group of owners and how they collectively act together.  What many people fail to understand is that purchasing into a strata building… Read more »

How Coronavirus affects Communal Living


The news about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is everywhere, and it is easy to get concerned, especially when there is so much information to take in. When there is an onslaught of news and advice, a lot of what we hear can be conflicting – and what we are hearing changes every day. It’s hard to… Read more »

What does a strata manager do?


Strata managers are professionals who are responsible for the administration of owners corporations. Strata Managers are responsible for ensuring buildings and common areas within a strata titled or community titled scheme are properly maintained for the benefit of all lot owners. They follow specific instructions issued by the owners committee. Strata managers are specialists in… Read more »

SCA (NSW) Award Winners


We are proud to announce that we have won the Strata Community Australia (NSW) Industry Awards for best medium sized Strata Community Management business for 2019. The award application process involved demonstrating criteria around business innovations, unique points of difference, staff training and ethical behaviour. The judging panel was made up of independent academics and… Read more »

Home Building Amendment Act 2014


The Home Building Amendment Act 2014 The Home Building Amendment Act 2014, containing more than 50 amendments to the Home Building Act 1989, was passed by the NSW Parliament in May 2014. This followed an extensive consultation from July 2012, including a broad range of stakeholders. The amendments include: Clarifying the definition for major defects Requiring progress… Read more »

Review of strata and community scheme laws


Reform of strata and community scheme laws Community scheme reforms have been unveiled in a position paper, outlining 58 proposed law reforms.   What is this about? The NSW Government is reforming NSW strata and community schemes laws. NSW has around 75,000 strata schemes worth $350 billion in assets. The reforms will affect some 2 million industry professionals, strata owners, and residents… Read more »

Latest Gas & Electricity safety tips


Gas and electrical safety tips can save you from harm 21 September 2013 NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe is warning consumers to take care with gas and electrical appliances now Spring has sprung and when buying products to exercise their Australian Consumer Law (ACL) rights and responsibilities. Fair Trading received 3,144 enquiries and 2,227… Read more »

New project: ‘Renewing the Compact City’


SCA (NSW) will be partnering on a new research project with the University of NSW called ‘Renewing the Compact City: Economically feasible and socially sustainable approaches to urban redevelopment in a multi-stakeholders environment’. The two-year project, which has been awarded funding from the Australian Research Council, will investigate a key challenge facing stakeholders in areas… Read more »