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Holiday tips for apartment living

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The build up to Christmas and holiday period can bring a multitude of pressures as well as excitement.  As we gear up for the festive season, balancing plans with mindful consideration of your property, neighbours and community is important.  It can also be a period of struggle for people that may be dealing with issues… Read more »

Government drives strata improvements

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The Strata Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 was tabled within the NSW Government to address various issues at the beginning of October.  The items discussed included improving strata management, clarifying by-law enforcement, and enhancing dispute resolution mechanisms.  The overall purpose of the amendment is to foster more transparent and harmonious strata living. The below article by… Read more »

Good news for insurance for strata residents

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NSW Labor Premier Chris Minns has announced the abolition of the controversial emergency services levy (ESL) on insurance premiums.  The ESL has been funding 73.7% of NSW emergency services, leading to an average increase of 18% in insurance prices as providers raise their premiums to accommodate the levy.  However, rising premiums and pressure of living… Read more »

New Fire Regulation

Fire safety reforms were introduced last year to make buildings safer and increase compliance with fire safety measures.  The changes affect building owners, developers, fire safety practitioners, certifiers and building practitioners.  The commencement of the reforms was staggered from earlier this year.  Fire Safety Schedules must now be issued using a standard template form published… Read more »

How to move from Strata chaos to calm

The quality of the appointed Strata Manager is the most critical ingredient to a smooth running Strata Committee. The performance of a Strata Manager is often judged on the basis of whether they give individual owners what they want. If they allow them to do have a pet, do a renovation, pay for items that… Read more »

The secret to a high performing Strata Manager

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Whilst it’s true that the official role of the Strata Manager is to act on the instruction of the Owners Corporation, in practice this can lead to very unfavourable outcomes for all parties. Whilst the Strata Manager is not an owner and has no deciding say, a good one will be able to steer the… Read more »

Why Strata insurance premiums are increasing

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Many strata owners are tackling the problem of increasing strata insurance premiums with seeking low cost alternatives. Whilst on face value this may appear to be an effective way to keep insurance costs down, the fundamental flaw with this approach is that it is often unknowingly reducing the insurance cover (both in type and amount)… Read more »

Common Cause of Mould in your Home

Mould is a common challenge in Sydney in winter. There are many practical things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of mould being an issue in your home. Our experience shows that a lack of ventilation accounts for up to 90% of the reported mould problems that we receive. A common cause of… Read more »

What you need to know about the new Strata Hub

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Firstly, you may be wondering what exactly the ‘Strata Hub’ is. This government mandate requires all strata management companies to provide essential building information to a publicly available portal. Whilst this in essence may not appear to be a big deal, the implications will be large for the wider industry. The mandate will bring about… Read more »

Engaging a great Property Manager

Whilst Property Managers and Strata Managers have different roles, they both act for the same client (apartment owners) in relation to their investment property. The Property Manager is responsible for the tenant, whilst the Strata Manager is responsible for the Owners Corporation and issues relating to the common property. The idea that the best outcome… Read more »