What makes us different

Personalising Strata Management

Strata One Pty Ltd is a vibrant boutique Strata Management Company dedicated to providing Owners Corporations, Community and Neighbourhood Associations with the high level of customer service they deserve.

At Strata One we appreciate that Strata Management is not only about bricks and mortar, it’s about people. This philosophy helps create a personal relationship based on a common understanding that we believe is the key to successful management.

Servicing the Sydney area, Strata One specialises in residential, commercial, light industrial, marina, mixed use developments, community and neighbourhood associations.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide our clients with the high level of customer service they deserve through sound management practices and procedures. We are serious about providing the best customer service possible and creating true value for our customers. Our vision is simply to be the best at what we do and continue to grow through this ethos.

Our Values

Strata One’s values stem from our vision to provide our clients with the high level of customer service they deserve. Strata One combines sound management practices with open and transparent communication to ensure you as an owner know that we are with you every step of the way. Whether you are an owner, property manager or tradesperson everyone is treated equally. This creates a culture of trust and mutual respect. Knowledge is the foundation of our success and we continue to grow our experienced team by investing in continuous training and development in areas not only relating to Strata but in customer orientated services. Instilling our values of sound management practices, mutual respect and investment in our people creates a culture of success. As the need for communal living rises, Strata One strives to improve the quality of this experience for all occupants


Personalised customer service

At Strata One your Strata Manager is your one point of contact for any matters relating to your strata plan. Our hands on approach means we’re with you every step of the way to ensure the best decisions are made for your property. Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service means you experience quick response times, a high level of attention to detail and a personalised approach.

Flexible management options

We offer various management options so that you receive the right product to suit your property and the best possible value for money. Our Full Management package is available with pay as you go or fixed disbursement options. Our Strata Essentials package assists owners of smaller buildings in maintaining accounts and essential services.

Preventative maintenance

We identify and recommend preventative maintenance programs such as gutter cleaning, which can be critical in avoiding long term costly issues arising at your property. We implement preventative works in close consultation with you, which ensures the best long term management of your property.

24 hour support

We offer a 24 hour support service in case of emergencies. Anytime, from anywhere you can speak directly to a qualified Strata Manager who will provide guidance and coordinate tradespeople in cases of emergency.

Online access to strata records

We offer an online service portal where you as an owner can access personal account information and strata records such as financial reports, insurance certificates, meeting agenda’s and minutes, strata plans and strata by-laws.

We also offer a quick and easy link to the DEFT payment system, which offers you a simple, easy and secure way to make levy payments.


We take a no surprises approach to strata management. From commencement of management, each appointed treasurer will receive a detailed monthly summary of expenses as well as a copy of your individual trust account outlining how your funds are being managed. We offer detailed reports on budgets and levy information on request where relevant.

Backed by industry experts

Our team is led by Peter Brisbane, an experienced Director and Licensee with 15 years industry experience.

We are committed to staying abreast of changes within the industry through investment in training and development. Our Strata Managers are licensed and support staff have certificates of registration. All staff are members of the Strata Community Association of NSW (formerly ISTM). We also have relationships with highly experienced legal, engineering and trade organisations to call on when specialised services are required.

Green incentives

Strata One is passionate about the environment and this is why we have joined the Green Building Council of Australia. We are continually building knowledge about sustainable approaches and reducing buildings’ carbon footprints. We use this information to access available rebates and incentives to save you money.

Taking positive steps to green your building will reward both Owners Corporations and the planet.

senior management team

Peter Brisbane
Managing Director


Peter Brisbane is the Managing Director and Licensee of Strata One.  He is passionate about strata and is a wealth of knowledge with over 15 years industry experience. Peter is an active member of the Strata Community Australia, NSW Professional Development Committee.  Peter is committed to the Strata One philosophy that ‘strata management is not only about bricks and mortar, it’s about people’.  This is demonstrated through a multitude of solid client relationships and his commitment to investment in staff development.

Phoebe Bourke
Marketing Manager


Phoebe Bourke has over 15 years Marketing experience from a variety of industries.  Phoebe oversees all communications, branding and strategic elements of Strata One.  She is here to help you manage communication services such as on-line portal access to your financial records and setting up your own strata scheme web-site.

Brad Higgins
General Manager


Brad is a highly experienced General Manager & Senior Strata Manager with expertise in medium to large sized buildings. He regularly deals with various complex projects and rectification works. With a background at Senior Management level across a variety of industries, Brad is a straight shooter with a high level of attention to detail.  Brad is also a highly competent mediator with front end media presentation experience.   This ensures he runs highly efficient Annual General Meetings.  His commercial acumen and sound legislative knowledge makes Brad a stand out performer and an asset to any building.

Charles Wiggins
Head of Strata Services

Charles has a wealth of Senior Management experience across the Strata and Financial Services industries.  His previous roles include being a Branch Manager at one of the largest Strata companies in Sydney. Charles oversee’s all Accounting, Compliance and Administrative functions of the business with a focus on procedures to ensure that you continue to receive the highest level of customer service as the Strata One business grows.

Rajiv Raju
Chief Financial Officer


Rajiv Raju is a qualified Chartered Accountant and the Chief Financial Officer of Strata One. Overseeing the strata and corporate Accounting  areas of the business, he is responsible for areas such as budgeting, taxation, invoicing and financial reporting.  As well as being CPA qualified, Rajiv also holds an MBA as is a registered tax agent. He has over 15 years experience in financial and commercial management, six of which is within the Strata industry. Rajiv has a high level of attention to detail and superior financial skills.  The management of the funds of your building are in safe hands with Rajiv.

Ann Brockbank
Senior Strata Manager


Ann Brockbank is a Senior Strata Manager specialising in small to medium sized buildings.  With extensive experience in Senior Management roles within the hotel industry, Ann is extremely customer service focused.  An effective communicator, Ann takes a no nonsense approach to quickly resolving any issues that arise in your building.

Dean Richardson
Senior Strata Manager


Dean Richardson is a Senior Strata Manager at Strata One.  He has over twenty five years experience within the property industry.  He has worked at a Senior level within Property Management as well as Strata Management providing invaluable insight into ensuring both sides are working unitedly towards protecting your apartment.  Dean is a quiet achiever and deals with a large volume of complicated strata issues seamlessly.  Extremely outcome focused, Dean has an innate ability to relate to all parties and ensure everyone is working towards a common goal in the best interest of the building.

Patricia Ng
Senior Strata Manager

Patricia Ng has extensive Strata Management experience, working across large and small Strata Management companies in Sydney over the last ten years.  She has experience dealing with complex matters such as building upgrades and defect management.  Patricia holds the highest level certification being a Class 1 licence across both Stata Management and Real Estate.  Patricia’s passion for Strata Management was born from a desire to help people, coupled with her strong problem-solving abilities.  Patricia’s ethic imparts the Strata One philosophy of a commitment to service and fostering relationships built on integrity, trust and mutual respect.

Shelly Hunter
Strata Community Manager

Shelly Hunter specializes in smaller block management and has been part of the Strata One team for over 6 years. With a background in Property Management, Shelly has an intricate understanding of the needs of smaller blocks. She is also an expert systems and procedures within the Strata One business and is a highly valued member of the team. Her high level of customer service is evidenced in her practical approach to strata management.

Josefina John
Client Liaison Officer

Josefina John regularly liaises with clients to ensure that communication and client needs are being met in her role at Strata One. Degree qualified in Business Management, Josefina is hands on with resolving Strata issues. She has a great relationship with our clients and will ensure that your needs are being met.

Professional partners

Young Care

Strata One is passionate about people and Young Care is focused on giving young people in need the independence they deserve. Our partnership with Young Care will create greater public awareness and with Strata One’s assistance in communal independent strata living programs, young people are given the chance to live an independent fruitful life away from aged care facilities.

Strata Community Australia NSW


Strata Community Australia is the governing body for the strata industry, bringing together all people working in the strata sector. They work to educate, lobby, promote professionalism and maintain a common code of conduct. The Managing Director of Strata One is an active member of the SCA NSW Professional Standards Committee which reviews industry legislation changes and provides guidance to the board.

Urban Development Institute of Australia

The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) is Australia’s peak industry body for all segments of the urban development industry.  The UDIA aims to secure the economic success and future of the development industry in Australia.  The UDIA seeks to create awareness that national prosperity is dependent on our success in housing our communities and building and rebuilding cities for future generations. 

Green Building Council of Australia


Strata One is passionate about the environment and this is why we have joined the Green Building Council of Australia.  We are continually building knowledge about sustainable approaches and reducing building’s carbon footprints.  We use this information to access available rebates and incentives to save you money.