Mould is a common challenge in Sydney in winter. There are many practical things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of mould being an issue in your home. Our experience shows that a lack of ventilation accounts for up to 90% of the reported mould problems that we receive. A common cause of condensation and subsequent mould can be running an air-conditioning unit on heat with the doors and windows closed. Turning on exhaust fans, particularly when bathing, showing, cooking, doing laundry and drying clothes is recommended. There is also the question of who is responsible? The owners corporation is responsible for water penetration problems coming in through external walls or the floor. The owner is responsible for the mould on their walls. Strata can send a plumber to attend and investigate whether there are any leaks or permeation issues. However, if the plumber finds that there is no leak and the mould is caused by a lack of ventilation, it is the lot owner’s responsibility for the cost of attendance of the plumber and also to clean the mould.