Monthly Archives: March 2021

What to do about rogue strata residents


What to do about a rogue resident living in your strata building A common misconception is that the strata company has the same or greater authority than the police to intervene and reprimand rogue residents with disruptive behaviour that contravene the strata by-laws.  Examples of rogue behaviour include things such as illegal parking, making excessive… Read more »

Where are your strata levies really going?


How to gain clarity on where your strata levies are really going A common misconception is that the levies paid by owners of apartments are going to the Strata Management company that looks after the building.  Many people believe that the strata company sets the amount, is responsible for any increases, and generally doesn’t do… Read more »

Why apartments don’t reach their potential


The real reason strata apartments don’t realise their asset growth potential. Maintaining and appreciating the value of block of units is more than focusing on the physical building, a key factor is the group of owners and how they collectively act together.  What many people fail to understand is that purchasing into a strata building… Read more »