Goals for the new planning system

UDIA NSW has identified four main components required in the new Planning Act:

Strategic Planning: The Act should feature strategic development plans that provide clear policy direction and define objectives. These plans should foster the state’s economic growth and balance this growth with positive social and environmental outcomes.
Plan Making: The Act should place greater emphasis on consultation in plan making, so there is a co-ordinated approach that addresses all stakeholders including the community. This approach should bolster industry certainty to invest in development projects.
Assessment and Determination: The Act should set out an assessment and determination process for development projects that is efficient, transparent. The process should be streamlined, define clear roles and responsibilities for all parties, and provide for the use of new technologies.
Implementation and Management: The Act should ensure accountability in the planning system by setting out defined measurement, review and management of the planning system’s performance.

For more information on these reforms, UDIA formal response to the Planning System review’s issues paper, please visit UDIA NSW